third international symposium on recurrence plots Complex Systems Laboratory, University of Montreal
August 26-28, 2009  

Important Note
The speakers have to upload their presentation to the computer in the lecture hall in advance of their talk (in the morning of the day of their talk). The time for the talk is 17 min, plus 3 min discussion.

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All given and shown presentations (talks and posters) as a collection on a CD (ISO CD image, 97MB) or zip-file (zip file, 88MB). Access password protected.


The abstracts of the contributions will be published in the workshop abstract book.

Wednesday, August 26th

8:30 Registration


9:00 L. Parrott:
Welcome Note
9:15 Ch. L. Webber Jr.:
Remembrance Talk Recurrent Memories of Joe Zbilut and His Remarkable Scientific Career
10:00 N. Marwan:
Introduction Lecture Hot Topics in the Recurrence Plot Field
10:45 Coffee break

Methodological Aspects

11:15 M. Small:
Keynote Lecture Complex Networks from Recurrence Plots and Time Delay Embeddings
12:00 J. Donges, Y. Zou, R. Donner, N. Marwan, J. Kurths:
The Complex Network Approach and Recurrence Quantification Analysis
12:20 F. Strozzi, J.-M. Zaldivar, K. Poljansek, F. Bono and E. Gutierrez:
From complex networks to time series analysis and viceversa: Application to metabolic networks
12:40 Y. Zou, M. C. Romano, M. Thiel, N. Marwan and J. Kurths:
Extracting indirect coupling by means of probabilities of recurrence: revisited
13:00 Lunch
14:40 Y. Hirata, K. Aihara:
Testing serial dependence on recurrence plots
15:00 S. Schinkel, N. Marwan, J. Kurths:
Confidence bounds of recurrence-based complexity measures
15:20 Y. Saiki, M. Yamada:
Time averaged properties along unstable periodic orbits in some systems of differential equations
15:40 Coffee break

Applications in Economics

16:10 P. M. Crowley:
Comparing cycles in the US stockmarket and macroeconomic growth using recurrence plots
16:30 A. Piskun, Vladimir Soloviev, Sergio Piskun:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Stock Market Crashes

Applications in Engineering

16:50 G. Litak: Dynamics of a regenerative cutting process

Thursday, August 27th

8:50 Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Biological Systems I: Psychology

9:00 S. E. J. Wallot, G. Hollis, G. C. Van Orden.:
Temporal patterns in text reading
9:20 R. F. A. Cox, F. Hasselman:
Insight in Problem Solving: Recurrence Analysis of Structural Changes in Cognition
9:40 G. Varni, A. Camurri, P. Coletta, G. Volpe:
Real-time Computation of Recurrence and Phase Synchronisation in Social Applciations
10:00 F. Hasselman, R. F. A. Cox:
Probing the temporal structure of human interaction: Recurrence analysis of behaviour observation data
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 R. Dale, D. C. Richardson:
Psycholinguistic synchrony: Cross-recurrence shows coordination in the many dimensions of human conversation
11:10 S. Hermann:
Using Synchronization Analysis by Means of Recurrences for Quantification of the Degree of Automobile Driver's Discomfort
12:30 Lunch


14:00 Practical Tutorials & Concurrent Poster Session
CRP Toolbox for Matlab, RQA Software
Poster session in the Cafeteria
19:30 Social Event: Supper at "Le Paris-Beurre"

Friday, August 28th

8:50 Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Earth Sciences

9:00 H. Lange:
Keynote Lecture Recurrence Quantification Analysis in ecosystem research: examples and possibilities
9:45 S. Li, Z. Zhao, Y. Gao, Y. Wang:
Determining the predictability and the spatial pattern of urban vegetation using recurrence quantification analysis: A case study in Shenzhen City

Z. Zhao, S. Li:
Identifying spatial patterns and dynamics of climate complexity using recurrence quantification analysis: A case study of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
10:05 R. Proulx, L. Fahrig, L. Parrott, D. Currie:
Predicting mammal species richness at the global scale: Resource
10:25 Coffee break

Applications in Biological Systems II: Cardiology and Medical Problems

11:00 Ch. L. Webber, Jr., Zh. Hu, J. Akar:
The importance of recurrent singularities in cardiac dynamics
11:20 K. Andrade
Recurrence quantification analysis of single auditory evoked potential acquired in the MR environment
11:40 D. Chuckravanen, M. Angelova, A. St. Clair Gibson, K. Thomas, M. Stone, L. Ansley, K. G. Thompson:
Recurrence quantification analysis of the system control Mechanisms
12:00 S. Carrubba:
Effects of magnetic fields on human brain activity detected by recurrence analysis
12:20 A. Schumacher, B. Waghorn, N. Yanasak, T. Hu
Nonlinear Assessment of Manganese-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Images with Recurrence Quantification Analysis
12:40 Lunch
15:30 Excursion to a traditional maple sugar shack


Methodological Aspects

Poster 1 E. J. Ngamga, J. Kurths
Characteristic Distributions of the Mean Recurrence Time

Applications in Economics

Poster 2 P. M. Crowley, A. P. Schultz
Measuring the Intermittent Synchronicity of Macroeconomic Growth in Europe

Applications in Engineering

Poster 3 R. Donner, U. Hinrichs
Symbolic recurrence plots – Theory and application to traffic and production systems

Applications in Earth Sciences

Poster 4 F. Angermüller, H. Lange, G. Lasslop, M. Reichstein:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of carbon fluxes
Poster 5 R. Donner, H. von Suchodoletz
Similarity structures and dynamical transitions in uni- and multivariate palaeoclimatic time series: A recurrence plot approach

Applications in Biological Systems

Poster 6 H. Castellini
Using RQA to study the nonlinear viscoelastic behavior of red blood cells
Poster 7 A. Novellino, J.-M. Zaldivar Comenges
Characterization of neuronal activity of Multielectrode Arrays using Recurrence Quantification Analysis
Poster 8 K. Andrade
Recurrence quantification analysis of single auditory evoked potential acquired in the MR environment Talk Friday 11:20
Poster 9 N. Kuznetsov, M. A. Riley, J. Gottschall, V. Lippens
Detecting Deterministic Structure in Time Series of Human Balance Performance: A Comparison of RQA and the Langevin Method
Poster 10 Chr. K. Rhea, A. W. Kiefer, J. A. Weast, S. Cumins-Sebree, K. Shockley, M. A. Riley
Global vs. individual input parameter selection: Impacts on analyzing human postural time series
Poster 11 A. W. Kiefer, J. A. Weast, S. Teredesai, S. Cumins-Sebree, K. Shockley, M. A. Riley, J. Haas
Young ballet dancers exhibit different postural sway dynamics than untrained controls