third international symposium on recurrence plots Complex Systems Laboratory, University of Montreal
August 26-28, 2009  


At Friday, August 28th, we will organise a visit of a traditional maple sugar shack outside of the city at Mont Rigaud. We can walk around in a forest full of walking trails, visit the sugar shack buildings and have a traditional meal.

We will leave Montreal at 15:30 returning at 23:30 at the latest. The sugar shack (La sucrerie de la montagne) will be expecting us at about 17:00 and dinner is at about 18:00. The tour includes:

  • a ride in horse drawn wagons to take us from the parking area up to the sugar shack;
  • a tour of the maple sugar making cabin and of their facilities;
  • an all you can eat meal;
  • live traditional québécois music;
  • maple sugar taffy on snow.

There are also extensive trails in the forest for those who want to take a walk.

The meal is a traditional sugar shack meal, including, minimally: pea soup, tourtière, homemade sausages, fried pork fat, beans, eggs, pancakes, sugar pie, coffee, tea, condiments, and, of course, maple syrup on everything. It is all you can eat and very filling! People who are vegetarian or who don't eat pork can have a vegetarian tourtière or pea soup and many other items without pork – please tell us whether you need a vegetarian dinner. Alcohol is available on site at extra charge.

The total charge for the excursion is $60 per person. The event is also appropriate for accompanying persons and children, if people are travelling with their family.

If you want more information about the sucrerie, the web site is:

Please mail us as soon as possible whether you would like to participate the excursion to the sugar shack, and whether you need a vegetarian meal: contact form.