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Available software for the creation and application of RPs and their quantitative analysis facilitates the spread of their application (no claim to completeness):

  1. Commandline Recurrence Plots
    last updateversionterminal
    by Norbert Marwan
    Allows for the creation of RPs and their quantification analysis for really long data series, commandline based, currently for Unix/ Linux and Win2k.

  2. CRP Toolbox
    last updateversion
    by Norbert Marwan
    Allows for the creation of RPs, CRPs as well as JRPs, quantification analysis of RPs, CRPs and JRPs includes the new measures of complexity as LAM and TT, time scale alignment tool based on CRPs and further useful tools and methods of nonlinear time series analysis and data preparation are provided, platform independent (for Matlab), both usage of graphical user interface as well as commandline call is possible, a plugin is available enabeling the computation of RPs and RQA of long data series.

  3. RQA Software
    last updateversionterminal
    by Charles Webber Jr.
    Allows for the creation of RPs as well as CRPs and their quantification, only for DOS, commandline based.

  4. CEPS: Analysis of Complexity and Entropy in Physiological Signals
    last update
    by Deepak Panday
    MATLAB GUI with wrapper to external software packages that include functions for calculating recurrence plots and recurrence quantification

  5. PyRQA
    last updateversoin
    by Tobias Rawald
    Python package to perform recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) and to create recurrence plots in a massively parallel manner using the OpenCL framework.

  6. RQA HPC
    last updateterminal
    by Tomas Martinovic
    Highly scalable C code to calculate RP and RQA for cluster computers.

  7. TISEAN 3.01
    last updateterminal
    by Rainer Hegger, Holger Kantz and Thomas Schreiber
    Many tools and methods from nonlinear time series analysis, regarding the recurrence based analysis only RPs can be created, free source code, binary executables for OSF, Linux and Windows, commandline based.

  8. RecPlot 1.0
    last updateterminal
    by Krishna Nayak
    creation of RPs and computing the correlation and Hausdorff dimensions, source code available, commandline based (unfortunately, not available anymore)

  9. RR APET HRV analysis software
    last commit
    by Meghan McConnell
    Package with Python functions to study heart rate variability, including RP and RQA.

  10. Recurrence Plot & Quantification
    last commitrelease
    by Hauke Kraemer and Norbert Marwan
    Simple MATLAB functions for calculating recurrence plots and recurrence quantification.

  11. pyunicorn
    last commitversion
    by Jonathan Donges et al.
    UNIfied COmplex Network and Recurrence aNalysis toolbox: a fully object-oriented Python package for the advanced analysis and modeling of complex networks and performing recurrence analysis, including recurrence networks.

  12. crqa: Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
    last commitversion
    by Moreno I. Coco and Rick Dale
    An R package for cross-recurrence quantification.

  13. pyts
    by Johann Faouzi
    pyts is a Python package dedicated to time series classification. It provides a simple recurrence plot calculation for transforming time series into images (for use in classification).

  14. Border effect corrections for RQA
    last commit
    by Hauke Kraemer
    MATLAB code to calculate RPs and perform RQA with various border corrections schemes (according to H. Kraemer and N. Marwan, Phys. Lett. A, 2019).

  15. fNonlinear: Nonlinear and Chaotic Time Series Modelling
    last commitversion
    by Diethelm Wuertz and many others, see the SOURCE file
    R package with similar functionality as the TISEAN package.

  16. Resources for recurrence quantification analysis
    last commit
    by Alexandra Paxton
    Tools and tutorials to help with RQA and CRQA in R.

  17. mdRQA
    last commit
    by Sebastian Wallot
    Single function for MATLAB and R to calculate RP and RQA.

  18. RECLAC Python
    by Tobias Braun
    The RECLAC Python package provides functions to compute recurrence lacunarity. It also offers a basic implementation of traditional recurrence quantification measures and computation of box-counting dimensions.

  19. Visualisation Cross Recurrence Quantification Analysis
    last commit
    by Leshao Zhang
    Recurrence plots with the Processing language.

  20. RecurrenceAnalysis.jl
    last commitversion
    by Helios De Rosario
    Julia package for the exploration of chaos and nonlinear dynamics including recurrence plots and recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) and to create recurrence plots.

  21. randseqR
    last commit
    by Fred Hasselman
    An R package for calculating randomness and redundancies in sequences of symbols. It includes categorical RQA.

  22. casnet: An R toolbox for studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks
    last commitversion
    by Fred Hasselmann
    An R package with a collection of analytic tools for studying signals, including recurrence quantification analysis.

  23. Tool box of recurrence plot and recurrence quantification analysis
    last update 2018
    by Hui Yang
    A MATLAB toolbox for recurrence plot and recurrence quantification analysis.

  24. RSA
    last update 2017
    by Peter beim Graben
    MATLAB code to perform recurrence grammar and recurrence structure analysis (RSA).
    » and

  25. rqaGUI
    last update 2015
    by Stefan Schinkel
    A Python frontend for the Commandline Recurrence Plots software.
    » software/ and

  26. Visual Recurrence Analysis 4.9
    last update 2012
    by Eugene Kononov
    Creation of RPs and computing the RQA measures, only for MS Windows, graphical user interface.

  27. Dataplore
    last update 2010?
    by ixitos GmbH
    Commercial software for data analysis which includes a function to compute a recurrence plot (only RPs due to Eckmann et al. (1987) are supported), available for Windows and some Unix.

  28. GenomDiff
    last update 2010
    by Claus Wimmer
    A Java implementation of a dot matrix for Genome comparison.

  29. Bios Analyzer
    last update 2008
    by Lazar Kovacevic
    Python based nonlinear data analysis software, allows the creation of RPs and isometric RPs, graphical user interface.

  30. RQA X
    last update 2008
    by Andrew Keller
    An implementation of the original RQA software by Ch. Webber Jr. for Mac OSX.
    » software/rqax.dmg (source code: software/

  31. RecurrencePlots
    last update 2003
    by Paul Bourke
    Two C programmes (source code) for creation distance and recurrence plots as bitmap files (I could not create a running compilation from this code), commandline based.

  32. RecurrencePlots for Mathematica
    last update 2001
    by Max Keilbach
    A simple package for Mathematica which can create and visualize recurrence plots (a brief example: recurrenceplot.nb, screenshot).

  33. RCPLOT by Tom Wouters
    A Java implementation of recurrence plots, source code available, should be implemented in own programmes (not stand-alone), not available anymore.

  34. RqaMatlab by BARLab
    Simple MATLAB and Python functions to create RPs and perform RQA.

  35. Kubios HRV by Kubios
    Professional HRV analysis software, including RP and RQA.

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