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Use of Matomo

Description and scope of data processing

We use Matomo to analyse the surfing behaviour of the visitors of this website. For this purpose we use the log-file analysis of Matomo.

If individual pages of this website are visited, then, in particular, the following data will be recorded:

Matomo is an open-source software which is operated exclusively on the servers of PIK. Such data will not be disclosed to third parties.

After collection of the IP-address the latter will be anonymised. Thus, the IP-address cannot be attributed to you any longer.

Legal basis and purpose of the processing

The legal basis for the use of Matomo is Art. 6 (1) (f) EU GDPR to organise and improve the processing – due to our legitimate interest – in a more user-friendly manner by observing the visitor figures of our website. In particular, by the anonymisation of your IP-address will adequately account for your interests.

Duration of data recording

We will delete your anonymised IP-addresses within the scope of the Matomo-analysis as soon as we do no longer need them for organising and improving our website. As a rule, this is the case after six months.


To prevent and fight email harvesters, honeypots are installed on this website. Automatic attempts to systematically harvest email addresses or send spam via forms are logged and the IP addresses are reported to Human visitors are not affected by this, as the honeypots are not visible to humans but should only be found by bots. We ask for your understanding for this counter measure. More information can be found at

VG Wort tracking

Cookies and reports on access figures

We use "session cookies" from Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (VG Wort), Munich, to measure access to texts in order to record the probability of copying. Session cookies are small units of information that a provider stores in the RAM of the visitor's computer. A randomly generated unique identification number, a so-called session ID, is stored in a session cookie. In addition, a cookie contains information about its origin and the storage period. Session cookies cannot store any other data. These measurements are carried out by Kantar Deutschland GmbH using the Scalable Central Measurement Method (SZM). They help to determine the copy probability of individual texts for the remuneration of legal claims of authors and publishers. We do not collect any personal data via cookies.

Some of our pages are provided with JavaScript calls, through which we report accesses to the VG Wort. We thereby enable our authors to participate in the distributions of the VG Wort, which ensure the statutory remuneration for the uses of copyrighted works in accordance with § 53 UrhG.

It is also possible to use our offers without cookies. Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. However, you can deactivate the storage of cookies or set your browser to notify you as soon as cookies are sent.

Privacy policy on the use of the Scalable Central Measurement System

Our website and our mobile web offer use the "Scalable Central Measurement Procedure" (SZM) of Kantar Deutschland GmbH to determine statistical parameters for determining the copy probability of texts.

Anonymous measurement values are collected in the process. The access count measurement alternatively uses a session cookie or a signature, which is created from various automatically transmitted information of your browser, for the recognition of computer systems. IP addresses are only processed in anonymized form.

The procedure was developed in compliance with data protection. The sole aim of the procedure is to determine the copying probability of individual texts.

At no time are individual users identified. Your identity always remains protected. You will not receive any advertising via the system.

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