September 22-24, 2021
Lublin, Poland
Recurrence plot symposium Lublin 2021.

Important Note

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, our symposium is a hybrid event with persenters and audience both in presence and in virtual space. This requires more preparation for the presenters and patience of the audience. For a smooth presentation procedure, presentations are organised mainly in blocks of physical or virtual presenters.

The time for the talk is 12 min, plus 3 min discussion (invited talks are 40 min, plus 5 min discussion). Presentations should be prepared as PowerPoint or pdf file. Animations should be avoided, because of the latencies in virtual environment.

For physical oral presentations: The speakers have to upload their presentation to the computer in the lecture hall in the morning or during the breaks between the sessions at the latest. It will not be possible to upload it during sessions or to use an own computer for presentations.

For virtual oral presentations: The video conferencing software is Microsoft Teams. Be prepared and test this framework and your presentation in advance of your presentation to get familiar with Teams. The link to the MS Teams meeting room will be sent to all registered participants by email. Joining the meeting should be available without having a MS Teams account (» instructions).

Poster presentations: At Wednesday, we will have a physical poster session. Virtual participants should not be worried, because the posters will be presented again virtually at Thursday. Thursday, we will have short (2 min) poster presentations, virtually and physically using Microsoft Teams. During this short introduction, the upper part of the posters will be shown in the presentation, based on the pdf of the poster. After this, participants can join a virtual discussion via for individual discussions. All poster presenters (virtual and physical) will be available there. The address to the virtual poster discussion space and all posters (available as pdf files) can be found at (access data will be sent by emails to all registered participants). Please prepare the poster in the same way as for presenting in presence. We will use the top of the pdf file in the 2 min short presentations at the beginning of the poster session 2 (do not prepare a slide show, we will do it).

This procedure requires that also physical participants will be able to join the virtual meeting space. Therefore, they should also bring their own device and connect to the virtual meeting space individually.

Moreover, this procedure requires that all poster presenters have submitted a pdf file of their poster presentation in advance of the symposium.

The prefered size of the posters is A0 or ArchE portrait (i.e. higher than wide). A hook will be available for hanging as well as material for fixing the posters in the support.


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The abstracts of the contributions are available in the abstract book. Further local information and instructions on using the video conferencing tools are provided in the local information and video conferencing instructions manual.

all times are Central European Summer Time (CEST)
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Tuesday, September 21st

15:00 Registration (until 17:30) and excursion sign up
Entrance hall of the conference building

Wednesday, September 22nd

8:00 Registration and excursion sign up
Entrance hall of the conference building


9:00 Opening

Methodological Aspects

9:10 Norbert Marwan:
Recent exciting developments in recurrence plot analysis
9:30 Yoshito Hirata:
🖥 Recurrence triangles for formally distinguishing stochastic systems from deterministic systems
9:45 Conggai Li, Sebastian Oberst, Joseph Lai, Theo Evans:
🖥 Recurrence-based network analysis for nonlinear dynamic time series
Leonardo Portes, Debora Correa, Michael Small:
🖥 (Machine) learning a recurrence plot by heart: An exercise on parameter extraction
10:15 Masanori Shiro, Yoshito Hirata:
🖥 A pseudo-basis using a recurrence plot
Saureesh Das, Rashmi Bhardwaj:
🖥  Synchronization and Recurrence Analysis of Resistively Coupled Duffing Oscillators
10:45 Group photo shoot & Coffee/tea break
11:15 Andrzej Rysak:
Susceptibility of a dynamic system to generating diagonal lines
11:30 Abhishek Das, Akhilesh P. Nandan, Norbert Marwan, Aneta Koseska:
🖥 Identifying transient metastable states from live-cell imaging data
11:45 Abhirup Banerjee, Bruno Merz, Jürgen Kurths, Norbert Marwan:
🖥 Recurrence based coupling analysis between event-like and continuous variable data
Sebastian Wallot, Giuseppe Leonardi:
🖥 Lagged multidimensional recurrence quantification analysis and its application to joint action data
12:15 Induja Pavithran, Vishnu R. Unni, R. I. Sujith, Jürgen Kurths, Norbert Marwan:
🖥 Recurrence condensation during critical transitions in complex systems
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Sofiane Ramdani:
🖥 Keynote Lecture Parametric RQA with applications to EEG data
14:45 José-Rubén Luévano:
🖥 Approximating invariant measures by recurrence times
Deniz Eroglu:
🖥 Multiplex Recurrence Networks
15:15 Tobias Braun, Vishnu R. Unni, R. I. Sujith, Jürgen Kurths, Norbert Marwan:
Multiscale recurrence quantification with recurrence lacunarity
15:30 Coffee/tea break
K. Hauke Kraemer, Frank Hellmann, Jürgen Kurths, Norbert Marwan:
🖥 Recurrence powerspectra
Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Correction of Entropy Miscalculations in Recurrence Quantifications
Tamas Kovacs, Lilla Lugosi:
Recurrence networks in reservoir computing

Poster Session 1

16:45 Poster Session (only physical)
Floor in front of the Aula 1

Thursday, September 23rd

8:50 Andrzej Rysak:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Earth and Astro Sciences

9:00 Andrej Spiridonov, Robertas Stankevid, Simona Rinkevičiūtė, Liudas Daumantas, Tomas Gečas, Sigitas Radzevičius:
Keynote Lecture Recurrence plots and recurrence quantification analyses generate significant insights about a key paleobiological hypothesis
9:45 Celik Ozdes, Sebastian Breitenbach, Deniz Eroglu, Norbert Marwan:
🖥 Revealing Past Climate Networks from Data
10:00 Witold Bagniewski, Denis-Didier Rousseau, Michael Ghil:
🖥 Tipping points and abrupt climate change: A comparison of advanced analysis methods for paleoclimate records
10:15 Reik V. Donner, Tommaso Alberti, Jaqueline Lekscha:
🖥 Nonlinear variability of the Earth's magnetic field across time scales: Recurrence analysis and multifractality perspectives
10:30 Andrés F. Almeida-Ñauñay, Rosa M. Benito, Miguel Quemada, Juan C. Losada and Ana M. Tarquis:
🖥 Recurrence plots-based analysis in semiarid grasslands. A case of study in central Spain
10:45 Coffee/tea break

Applications in Life Sciences

11:15 Sushrutha Mahabaleswara Bharadwaj, Shantala Hegde, S. Hema Priyadarshini, D. Narayana Dutt, Anand Prem Rajan:
🖥 Cross Recurrence Parameters can be used to distinguish happy and sad emotions induced by North Indian Classical Music
11:30 Miwa Fukino:
🖥 Subjective arousal and unconscious nonlinear regularity of sound
11:45 Julian Zubek, Joanna Raczaszek-Leonardi:
Relationships from movement: cRQA in gauging interpersonal coordination in a wine-tasting study
12:00 Przemyslaw Tomalski, David Lopez Perez, Alicja Radkowska, Anna Malinowska-Korczak:
Selective changes in complexity of visual scanning for social stimuli in infancy
12:15 Bruno G. Straiotto, Norbert Marwan, Darren C. James, P. John Seeley:
A combination of principal component and recurrence analyses discriminates between closely similar movement patterns
12:30 Lunch
14:00 David Lopez Perez, Arun L. W. Bokde, Christian M. Kerskens:
Complexity analysis of heartbeat-related signals in Brain MRI time series as a potential biomarker for ageing and cognitive performance
14:15 Sierra F. Corbin, Tehran Davis:
🖥 Improving Our Fitts: Comparing Unidimensional (CRQA) and Multidimensional (mdCRQA) Analyses of Joint-Action Outcomes
14:30 Rafal Pawlowski, Katarzyna Buszko, Pawel Zalewski, Agnieszka Piatkowska, Edward Kozluk:
🖥 The Asymmetry of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure as Diagnosis Tools of Vasovagal Syncope
14:45 Adam Meyers, Mohammed Buqammaz, Hui Yang:
🖥 Cross Recurrence Analysis for Pattern Matching of Multidimensional Physiological Signals
15:00 Coffee/tea break

Poster Session 2

15:30 Poster Presentation (physical and virtual)
2 min short presentations in the Aula 1
16:00 Poster Session (virtual via
(additional rooms close to Aula 1 are available for the present participants)
19:30 Social Event: Banquet in Grand Hotel Lublinianka

Friday, September 24th

8:50 Andrzej Rysak:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Engineering and
Workshop on energy harvesting and damping by recurrences

9:00 Romuald Mosdorf:
Keynote Lecture Two-phase flow pattern identification using the recurrence analysis
9:45 Marek Borowiec, Lukasz Kłoda, Marcin Bocheński:
Investigation of a Hinged Beam Dynamics, influence of the fibers sets on the nonlinear behavior of composite structure
10:00 Gabriela Rafałko, Romuald Mosdorf, Hubert Grzybowski, Paweł Dzienis, Iwona Zaborowska, Grzegorz Litak:
🖥 Recurrence analysis of changes of phase distribution during boiling flow in parallel minichannels
10:15 L. Jedlinski, A. Syta, J. Gajewski, J. Jonak:
Nonlinear analysis of the dynamics of a cylindrical gear with a different degree of tooth chipping
10:30 Grzegorz Litak:
Synchronization in an energy harvesting system with multiple degrees of freedom
10:45 Coffee/tea break
11:15 Aasifa Rounak, Favour Okosun, Vikram Pakrashi:
🖥 Anomaly detection in real-time pipe leakage data using RQA
11:30 Thomas Lichtenegger:
🖥 Recurrence CFD: Data-assisted simulations of fluid-mechanical problems
11:45 Carsten Brandt:
🖥 Difference Recurrence Plots for Structural Inspection Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves
12:00 Bartłomiej Ambrockiewicz, Arkadiusz Syta, Grzegorz Litak, Anthimos Georgiadis, Alexander Gassner, Nicolas Meier:
🖥 Recurrence-based methods in study of the dynamical response of self-aligning ball bearing
12:15 Razvan Scripcaru, Cornel Ioana, Angela Digulescu, Ali Mansour, David Abeza, Denis Stanescu, Dragos Nastasiu:
🖥 Digital modulation characterization using the phase diagram analysis
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Mariola Kedra:
The role of dam reservoirs in changing the dynamics of mountain river flow
14:15 Chiya Savari, Mostafa Barigou:
🖥 Recurrences of Flow Lagrangian Trajectories in Multiphase Mixing
14:30 Guênia Ladeira, Gabriela Lima:
🖥 Analysis of an experimental Duffing Oscillator by means of Recurrence Quantification and Recurrence Networks
14:45 Eustaquio A. Ruiz, Vishnu R. Unni, Induja Pavithran, R. I. Sujith, Abhishek Saha:
🖥 Convolutional neural network towards identifying features in recurrence plots: A data-driven approach to detect oscillatory instabilities
15:00 Closing
15:15 End

Saturday, September 25th

Excursion to Kazimierz Dolny and Lublin sightseeing


Poster 1 Matheus S. Palmero, Iberê L. Caldas and Igor M. Sokolov:
Recurrence plots and change-point analysis of chaotic transient orbits Poster
Poster 2 A. Wysokinski, Z. Kobylinski, T. Seredyn:
🖥 Adoption of recurrence plots and wavelet analysis to examine a coherence between old data sets registered at Polish Hel and at several nearby European geomagnetic stations
Poster 3 Robertas Stankevič, Andrej Spiridonov:
Searching for optimal distance metrics in the recurrence plot analyses of sparse paleontological data
Poster 4 Luana R. Barros, Gabriel Gutierrez P. Soares, Suzete Élida N. Correia, Silvana Luciene do N. C. Costa:
🖥 Classification of voice signals based on recurrence plots and Convolutional Neural Networks
Poster 5 Hortensia Gonzalez, Martin Calderon Juarez, Claudia Lerma:
🖥 The effect of interdialytic period length on recurrence plots-based heart rate variability
Poster 6 Martin Calderon Juarez, Hortensia Gonzalez,Humberto Badillo, Claudia Lerma:
🖥  Evolution of COVID-19 symptoms through time, the recurrence quantification analysis perspective
Poster 7 W. Duch, K. Tołpa, S. Duda, Ł. Furman, M. Lewandowska, J. Dreszer:
Neurodynamics of the brain revealed by EEG recurrence analysis
Poster 8 Nikita Frolov, Elena Pitsik, Alexander Hramov:
🖥 Application of recurrence time entropy to ERP data
Poster 9 Elena Pitsik, Nikita Frolov, K. Hauke Kraemer:
🖥 Recurrence quantification analysis of EEG reveals age-related decline in human sensorimotor system
Poster 10 Aaron DeMasi, Sarah E. Berger:
🖥 Recurrence quantification of motility during infant sleep
Poster 11 Norbert Marwan:
Co-authorship network of the recurrence plot domain