August 21-23, 2019
Zhenjiang, China
Recurrence plot symposium Zhenjiang 2019.


On August 24th, we will offer a tour from early morning to the late afternoon. In the morning, we will visit the Slender West Lake in the Yangzhou city. After lunch, we will visit Jinshan Mountain and Xijin Ferry.

Slender West Lake

A long bank planted with weeping willows spans the lake; at its midpoint stands a square terrace with pavilions at each of the corners and one in the center. Around the lake is a park in which are found several attractions.

Jinshan Mountain

Jinshan Mountain is one of the national key scenic spots. The household legend of "Snake White Flooded Jinshan Mountain" happened right here. On Lotus Tower, which close to the First Spring under heaven, poet Wang Changlin of Tang Dynasty gave a famous poem of "my heart as pure as ice in a jade pot shows the deep friendship and feeling to my friend far away".

Xijin Ferry

Located in the west of Zhenjiang, it is a natural history museum. The total length is about 1000 meters, after Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing five dynasties construction. Due to the north and south of the new grand canal, Zhenjiang became an important position. In a long period of years, it is our country southeast silk important port.


The total price will be around 60 to 70 US$ per person, including tickets, lunch, transportation, guide and insurance.