sixth international symposium on recurrence plots Grenoble INP

June 17-19, 2015
Grenoble, France

Recurrence plot symposium Grenoble 2015.

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Important Note
The speakers have to upload their presentation to the computer in the lecture hall in advance of their talk (in the morning of the day of their talk). The time for the talk is 17 min, plus 3 min discussion.

Both MacOS and Windows machines will be available, installed with standard presentation software (PowerPoint, Acrobat, Preview, and Keynote). You may also bring your own computer or presentation device provided that it is fitted with the appropriate VGA output and that you are capable of installing and testing the machine prior to the scheduled session time.

The prefered size of the posters is A0 or ArchE portrait (i.e. higher than wide).

All posters displayed at the meeting will be evaluated by a committee for an award recognizing excellence in presentation and significance in contribution to nonlinear science. The evaluation criteria comprise the poster display, the significance of the study, and the clarity of the oral presentation including the ability to answers questions.


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The abstracts of the contributions are available in the abstract book.

Tuesday, June 16th

17:00 Registration (until 19:30)
GIPSA-lab welcome hall

Wednesday, June 17th

8:00 Registration and pay for excursions
In front of the GIPSA-lab lecture hall "Mont Blanc"


9:00 Opening

Methodological Aspects I

9:10 Peter beim Graben, Axel Hutt:
Keynote Lecture Analyzing event-related brain potentials through recurrence grammars
9:55 M. Victoria Caballero, Mariano Matilla, Manuel Ruiz:
Symbolic Recurrence Plots
10:15 Diogo C. Soriano, F. I. Fazanaro, R. Attux, R. Suyama:
Estimating Algorithmic Complexity of Dynamical Systems and Time Series Using Recurrence Plots
10:35 Coffee/tea break
11:10 Fausto Guzzo da Costa, Ricardo Arajo Rios, Rodrigo Fernandes de Mello:
Applying dynamical system tools to detect concept drift on data streams
11:30 Olivier Le Bot, C. Gervaise, J. I. Mars:
Detection of deterministic transient signals in white Gaussian noise by statistical analysis of similarity matrix coefficients
11:50 Cindy Bernard, Angela Digulescu, Alexandre Girard, Cornel Ioana:
Multi-lag recurrence plot analysis for transient signal characterization
12:10 Mike Sips, Tobias Rawald, Carl Witt, Norbert Marwan:
Towards multi-scale RQA using Visual Analytics
12:30 Group Photo Shoot
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Ramon Miralles, Alicia Carrion, Guillermo Lara:
Computing the Delay Vector Variance using Recurrence Plots
14:20 Hui Yang, Gang Liu:
Self-organizing Topology of Recurrence-based Complex Networks
14:40 Mikhail Khotyakov, Jasper G. Franke, Jobst Heitzig, Reik V. Donner:
Recurrence network perspectives on driven chaotic systems: Understanding qualitatively different responses to deterministic and stochastic forcing
15:00 Deniz Eroglu, Thomas K. D. Peron, Nobert Marwan, Francisco A. Rodrigues, Luciano da F. Costa, Michael Sebek, Istvan Z. Kiss, Jürgen Kurths:
Entropy of weighted recurrence plots
15:20 Coffee break

Applications in Engineering

16:00 Adler, Nowicki, Swirszcz, Tresser, Winograd:
Error diffusion algorithm on acute simplices
16:20 Angela Digulescu, Ion Candel, Guy D'Urso, Cornel Ioana, Alexandru Serbanescu:
New applications of transient signal processing techniques using the recurrence plot analysis
16:40 Alicia Carrión, Ramón Miralles, Guillermo F. Lara:
Scattering material characterization based on Recurrence Plots Quantification Analysis (RQA)
17:00 Andrzej Rysak, Grzegorz Górski, Roman Mosdorf, Grzegorz Litak:
The study of two-phase flow chandes using recurrence plots

Thursday, June 18th

8:50 Cornel Ioana:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Methodological Aspects II

9:00 Yoshito Hirata:
Keynote lecture Distances of point processes and recurrence plots for neuroscience, econophysics, and seismology
9:45 Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Splayed Recurrence Analysis of Iterated Dynamical Systems
10:05 David Schultz, Stephan Spiegel, Norbert Marwan, Sahin Albayrak:
Approximation of diagonal line based measures in recurrence quantification analysis
10:25 Coffee/tea break
11:00 Norbert Marwan, Saskia Foerster, Jürgen Kurths:
Recurrence plot analysis of spatially extended high-dimensional dynamics
11:20 Maik Riedl, Jürgen Kurths, Norbert Marwan:
Spatial-temporal recurrence analysis based on a global measure of spatial similarity

Applications in Earth Science

11:40 Giovanna Zimatore, Gianpaolo Garilli, Maurizio Poscolieri, Claudio Rafanelli, Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi, Maurizio Lazzari:
RQA application to AE time series from two Italian stations within the Apennines for crustal stress propagation assessment
12:00 Francisco Cervantes-De la Torre, J. I. Gonzalez-Trejo, S. B. Gonzalez-Brambila, C. A. Real-Ramirez:
Recurrence Plot Measures of Complexity and its application to Self-Potential Time Series
12:30 Lunch
13:40 Mariola Kedra, Lukasz Wiejaczka:
The role of retention reservoirs in altering the dynamics of river water temperatures (Polish Carpathians)
14:00 Holger Lange, Milan Flach, Thomas Foken, Michael Hauhs:
Recurrence Analysis of Eddy Covariance Fluxes
14:20 Shaleen Jain, Sudhir R. Jain:
Hydroclimatic change and nonstationarity: Data- and model-based exploratory analyses
14:40 Lu Jianfei:
Applications of RPs and RQA in coastal shallow groundwater along the northeast coast of Hainan, China
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Poster Session
Welcome hall of GIPSA-lab
19:30 Social Event: Dinner at Chez le Pèr' Gras (Grenoble Bastille)

Friday, June 19th

8:50 Cornel Ioana:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Life Science

9:00 Ricardo L. Viana, S. R. Lopes, T. L. Prado, P. P. Galuzio, F. M. Neves, M. R. Pie, D. Toufen, Z. O. Guimarães-Filho, I. L. Caldas, J. Kurths:
Keynote lecture Recent developments in the application of recurrence plots to physical and biological systems
9:45 Christian Heinze, David Sommer, Martin Golz:
Automatic relevance determination of recurrence and spectral features of heart rate time series
10:05 Rosangela Akemi Hoshi, Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei, Carlos Marcelo Pastre, Moacir Fernandes Godoy:
Heart rate variability analyzed by Recurrence Plot: comparison by gender
10:25 Coffee/tea break
11:00 Harald Krause, Niels Wessel:
A Recurrence-plot-based Method for Detection and Quantification of Cardio-respiratory Coordination
11:20 Veronica Romero, Paula Fitzpatrick, R. C. Schmidt, and Michael J. Richardson:
Using cross-recurrence quantification analysis to understand social motor coordination in children with autism spectrum disorder

Applications in Economics and Financial Markets

11:40 Catherine Kyrtsou, Christina Mikropoulou:
Implications of noise-induced synchronization
12:00 Patrick Crowley, Catherine Kyrtsou, Christina Mikropoulou:
Financial Indicators and the Business Cycle: the Contribution of Recurrence Plot Analysis
12:20 Closing and poster award
12:40 Lunch


14:30 Diogo Soriano, Norbert Marwan:
Hands on session RQA feature extraction and pattern recognition, CRP Toolbox for MATLAB
Computer lab in the ISEE (Image and Signal for Energy and Environment) hall, in the same building and at the same level as the GIPSA-lab


Poster 1 Ozgur Afsar, Norbert Marwan, Jürgen Kurths:
Scaling relations from recurrence quantification analysis for the Logistic map at the edge of chaos: Connection with universal Huberman-Rudnick scaling law
Poster 2 Shigeki Ikegawa, Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Recurrences of Converging and Diverging Trajectories near Borders in the Mandelbrot Set
Poster 3 Hui Yang, Yun Chen:
Heterogeneous Recurrence Analysis
Poster 4 Jasper G. Franke, Reik V. Donner:
Using Recurrence Networks to detect tipping points in Earth's climate history
Poster 5 Cesar A. Real-Ramirez, F. Cervantes-De la Torre, J. I. Gonzalez-Trejo:
Non-linear time series study of Dst index with recurrence plot
Poster 6 George Tzagkarakis, Thomas Dionysopoulos, Juliana Caicedo-Llano:
Estimation of the time-synchronization profile between market and volatility indices using cross-RQA: The S&P500 and VIX case
Poster 7 Lipika Kabiraj, Aditya Saurabh:
Application of Recurrence Plots to Combustion Dynamics
Poster 8 Olivier Le Bot, C. Gervaise, J. I. Mars, Y. Simard:
Time-delay estimation based on Cross Recurrence Plot and Joint Recurrence Plot for passive underwater acoustic source localization
Poster 9 Grzegorz Litak:
Responses of nonlinear energy harvester by means of recurrences
Poster 10 Chiya Savari, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Navid Mostoufi, Reza Zarghami:
Detection of Particle Size Changes in Fluidized Beds by Recurrence Plots Analysis Using Pressure and Acoustic Signals
Poster 11 Moacir Fernandes Godoy, Rosangela Akemi Hoshi:
Relationship between Recurrence Plot variables and other linear and nonlinear indices of Heart Rate Variability
Poster 12 Claudia Lerma, G. Hortensia Gonzalez, Oscar Infante:
Cross recurrence plot analysis of heart rate and systolic blood pressure during supine position and active standing in healthy adults
Poster 13 Humberto Arce, Ayari Fuentes, G. Hortensia Gonzalez:
T2 as dynamical index in non-monotonic cardiac restitution curves
Poster 14 Rosangela Akemi Hoshi, Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei, Carlos Marcelo Pastre, Moacir Fernandes Godoy:
Application of Recurrence Plot analysis on recovery from maximal exercise
Poster 15 Michal Javorka, Zuzana Turianikova, Ingrid Tonhajzerova, Zuzana Lazarova, Barbora Czippelova, Kamil Javorka:
Recurrence plot as a tool to detect early cardiovascular dysregulation in obesity
Poster 16 Shambhavi Srivastava:
The stochastic and the deterministic nature of recurrence in the DNA and its contribution to the evolution of the DNA
Poster 17 Bruno G. Straiotto, D. C. James, P. J. Seeley:
Recurrence quantification of electromyographic data for continuous and intermittent squat exercise
Poster 18 Ralf F. A. Cox:
Quantifying the dynamics of children's individual and interactive behaviour
Poster 19 Mary Lauren Malone, Michael J. Richardson:
The Social Coordination Dynamics of Deception
Poster 20 Hugo Palacios:
The spatial distribution of behavior under fixed time scheduled water/food deliveries
Poster 21 Veronica Romero, Lillian Rigoli, Kevin Shockley, Gregory J. Funke, Adam J. Strang, Michael J. Richardson:
How Control Asymmetries Influence the Dynamics of Joint-Action