Centro per lo Studio dei Sistemi Complessi Siena second international workshop on recurrence plots University of Siena
September 10-12, 2007  

Important Note
The speakers have to upload their presentation to the computer in the lecture hall in advance of their talk (in the morning of the day of their talk). The time for the talk is 12 min, plus 3 min discussion.

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Monday, September 10th

8:30 Registration


9:00 A. Facchini:
Welcome Note
9:15 M. Thiel:
Anniversary Talk 20 Years of Recurrence Plots
10:00 N. Marwan, M. Carmen Romano, Marco Thiel:
Introduction Lecture Recurrence Plots for the Analysis of Complex Systems
10:45 Coffee break

Methodological Aspects

11:30 J. P. Zbilut:
Keynote Lecture Laminar Recurrences, Maxline, Unstable Singularities and Biological Dynamics
12:25 A. Schultz:
Speech Analysis Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis
12:40 C. Farinelli:
Similarity Metrics and Complexity Measures in Biological Signals
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Y. Hirata:
Reconstructing Distance Matrices from Recurrence Plots
14:45 K. Klimaszewska:
Detection of the Pomeau-Manneville Intermittencies and Connected with them Bifurcations Using Recurrence Plots
15:00 S. R. Lopes:
Detecting Nonstationarities and Trends in Time Series
15:15 E. J. Ngamga:
Recurrence Analysis of Strange Nonchaotic Attractors
15:30 C. Pennetta:
Statistics of the Extreme Values in Presence of Intermediate-Term Correlations
15:45 C. Mocenni:
Defining New Measures of Image Complexity Using the Generalized ecurrence Quantification Analysis
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 M. C. Romano:
Keynote Lecture Estimation of the Direction of the Coupling by Conditional Probabilities of Recurrence
17:00 A. Facchini:
The Origin of Curved Patterns in Recurrence Plots
17:20 K. Chandrasekaran:
Reconstructing System Dynamics from Short Time Series
17:35 Y. Zou:
Recurrence Plots and Quasiperiodicity

Tuesday, September 11th

Applications in Biological Systems

9:00 A. Giuliani:
Keynote Lecture Ten Years of Recurrence Plots in Protein Science: What we Learned
9:55 S. Angadi:
Nonlinear Signal Analysis to Understand the Dynamics in the Protein Sequences
10:15 Coffee break & Poster Session


11:30 Ch. L. Webber Jr.:
Usage of RQA Software
12:00 N. Marwan:
Introduction in the CRP Toolbox
12:30 A. Schultz:
Analyzing Locally Recurrent Structure in non-Thresholded Recurrence Plots
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Practical Tutorials
19:30 Social Event

Wednesday, September 12th

Applications in Earth Sciences

9:00 S. Li:
Identifying Spatial Pattern of NDVI Time-Varying Complexity Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis -- A Case Study in the Region around Beijing, China
9:15 E. N. Macau:
Analyzing the Amazonia Forest Process of Interacting with the Biosphere
9:30 R. Proulx:
Multivariate Recurrence Plots for Visualizing and Quantifying the Dynamics of Spatially Extended Natural Systems
9:45 M. B. Siek:
Cross Recurrence Plots in the Analysis of Extreme Ocean Storm Surges
10:00 J.-M. Zaldivar Comenges:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis as a Method for the Detection of Environmental Thresholds
10:15 N. Zhukova:
Recurrence Quantitative Analysis of Stick Slip Acoustic Emission Dynamics under Small Periodic Electromagnetic Forcing
10:30 Coffee break

Applications in Economics

11:00 P. Crowley:
Analysis and Visualization of Synchronicity in Euro Area Business and Growth Cycles
11:15 M. Faggini:
Chaos Detection in Economic Time Series -- Metric versus Topological Tools
11:30 F. Strozzi:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis and State Space Divergence Reconstruction for Financial Time Series Analysis
11:45 R. Donner:
Measuring the Performance of Manufacturing Networks by Recurrence Quantification Analysis
12:00 Lunch

Applications in Engineering

13:30 T. Grabowski:
Applications of Recurrence Plots in Road Traffic Analysis
13:45 S. Hermann:
Using Recurrence Plots to Quantify Levels of Automobile Drivers Discomfort over Time
14:00 N. Jin:
Multi-scale Recurrence Plot Analysis of Oil-Water Two Phase Flow Structure Based on Measuring Conductance Fluctuation Signals
14:15 T. Karakasidis:
Application of Recurrence Quantification Analyis of Temperature Time Series of Horizontal Round Heated Jet
14:30 S. Horai:
Cross Recurrence Plot Analysis on Interactive Calling Behavior of Two Japanese Tree Frogs


Applications in Biological Systems

Poster 1 C. Xiao Zhou
Complexity Analysis of RNA Sequences with Recurrence Plot
Poster 2 M. Śmietanowski
Cardiorespiratory Interaction during Simulated Sleep Apnea Explored by Joint Recurrence Plot Analysis
Poster 3 M. Godoy
Standardization of Recurrence Plot Values in Healthy Young Adults
Poster 4 M. Godoy
ecurrence Rate and Determinism by Recurrence Plot Analysis in Premature and Full-term Infants
Poster 5 M. Stephan
Anaesthetics Differentially Affect Fluctuations in Haemodynamic Rhythms
Poster 6 F. Saccomandi
Recurrence Plots (RP) and Recurrence Quantitative Analysis (RQA) Disclose the Dynamical Structure of Human Sleep from its Microstructure

Applications in Earth Sciences

Poster 7 N. Marwan, S. Breitenbach
Detection of Climate Transitions in Asia Derived from Speleothems
Poster 8 M. Stephan
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Meteorological Time Series

Applications in Engineering

Poster 9 G. Litak
Dynamics of the Cutting Process by Recurrence Plots
Poster 10 R. Longwic
Recurrence Plots for Diesel Engine Variability Tests
Poster 11 T. Zivkovic
Low-dimensional Dynamics in Magnetized Plasma Turbulence