Centro per lo Studio dei Sistemi Complessi Siena second international workshop on recurrence plots University of Siena
September 10-12, 2007  

EPJ-ST Special Issue

20 Years of Recurrence Plots: Perspectives for a Multi-purpose Tool of Nonlinear Data Analysis

All contributors are invited to submit their work for a special issue of European Physical Journal – Special Topics (EPJ-ST) about recurrence plots. The standards for publication are as high as for a regular EPJ-ST paper (and thus are in general substantially higher than the standards for acceptance in the workshop). All of the papers are expected to describe original research.


The special issue is now published. Thanks all contributors for their great work and support!
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Guide for Authors

Please follow the hints on the EPJ-ST site! LaTeX templates and instructions for preparing documents with LaTeX can be found a ftp.edpsciences.org/pub/epj-spec. Please use the template svjour.cls.

Authors are encouraged to write articles (about 10 pages). If someone feels that his/her material cannot be presented on less than 15 pages, the author might ask us before writing the article whether it is justified to have a longer article on a specific topic (review-like article).


For the submission of articles please send us the article by email (pdf as well as LaTeX source and figures).

Note: To ensure that your manuscript is correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue, it is important that you mention "Special Issue: Recurrence Plots" in your email subject.

Final deadline for submission is September 30, 2007.

Copyright Transfer

Please fill out the form for the copyright transfer and send it by mail to

Dr. Norbert Marwan
Interdisciplinary Centre for Dynamics of Complex Systems
University of Potsdam
Am Neuen Palais 10
14415 Potsdam

We will forward it together with all manuscripts to Springer.

Preliminary Content

1 Norbert Marwan Historical Review of Recurrence Plots
2 Yoshito Hirata; Shunsuke Horai; Kazuyuki Aihara Reproduction of distance matrices from recurrence plots and its applications
3 Yong Zou; Marco Thiel; Mamen Romano; Peter L Read; Juergen Kurths Recurrence Analysis of Quasiperiodicity in Experimental Fluid Data
4 D. V. Senthilkumar, M. Lakshmanan, J. Kurths Phase Synchronization in Unidirectionally Coupled Ikeda Time-delay Systems
5 Stefan Schinkel; Olaf Dimigen; Norbert Marwan Selection of Recurrence Threshold for Signal Detection
6 Joseph Peter Zbilut; Charles L. Webber, Jr., Laminar Recurrences, Maxline, Unstable Singularities and Biological Dynamics
7 Patrick Crowley Analyzing Convergence and Synchronicity of Business and Growth Cycles in the Euro Area using Cross Recurrence Plots
8 Reik Donner; Uwe Hinrichs; Martin Winkelmann; Bernd Scholz-Reitery Quantitative Analysis of the Performance of Manufacturing Networks by Symbolic Recurrence Plots
9 Fernanda Strozzi; Eugenio Gutierrez Tenreiro; Carlo Noe; Tommaso Rossi; Massimiliano Serati; Jose-Manuel Zaldivar
Measuring volatility in the Nordic spot electricity market using Recurrence Quantification Analysis
10 Raphael Proulx; Pascal Cote; Lael Parrott Use of recurrence analysis to measure the dynamical stability of a multi-species community model
11 Shuangcheng Li; Fengyuan Liu; Zhiqiang Zhao Identifying spatial pattern of NDVI series complexity using recurrence quantification analysis - A case study in the Beijing region, China
12 Abhijit Jayant Kulkarni; Savita Angadi Nonlinear Signal Analysis to Understand the Dynamics of the Protein Sequences
13 Tatjana Zivkovic; Kristoffer Rypdal Evidence of low-dimensional chaos in magnetized plasma turbulence
14 Yanbo Zong; Ningde Jin Multi-Scale Recurrence Plots Analysis of Inclined Oil-Water Two Phase Flow Structure Based on Conductance Fluctuation Signals

Final Content

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