August 23-25, 2017
São Paulo, Brazil
Recurrence plot symposium São Paulo 2017.

Important Note
The speakers have to upload their presentation to the computer in the lecture hall in advance of their talk (in the morning of the day of their talk). The time for the talk is 17 min, plus 3 min discussion.

Both MacOS and Windows machines will be available, installed with standard presentation software (PowerPoint, Acrobat, Preview, and Keynote). You may also bring your own computer or presentation device provided that it is fitted with the appropriate VGA output and that you are capable of installing and testing the machine prior to the scheduled session time.

The prefered size of the posters is A0 or ArchE portrait (i.e. higher than wide). A hook will be available for hanging as well as material for fixing the posters in the support.

All posters displayed at the meeting will be evaluated by a committee for an award recognizing excellence in presentation and significance in contribution to nonlinear science. The evaluation criteria comprise the poster display, the significance of the study, and the clarity of the oral presentation including the ability to answers questions.


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The abstracts of the contributions are available in the abstract book.

Tuesday, August 22nd

15:00 Registration (until 17:30)
Golden Tower hotel

Wednesday, August 23rd

8:00 Registration
Auditório Prof. Francisco Romeu Landi/ Escola Politécnica


9:15 Opening

Methodological Aspects I

9:45 Reik V. Donner:
Keynote Lecture The geometry of recurrences – recurrence plots as spatial networks
10:10 Patrick F. Coutinho, Diogo C. Soriano, Filipe I. Fazanaro, Romis Attux:
Recurrence Sparsity: A New Complexity Measure Based on the Gini Index
10:30 Coffee/tea break
11:00 T. Prado, Elbert E. N. Macau, G. Corso, G. Z. dos Santos Lima and S. R. Lopes:
Entropy of recurrence plot configurations and applications to biological and climatological systems
Leandro Freitas, Leonardo L. Portes, Luis A. Aguirre:
Detecting Phase Synchronization Regime in a Three-scroll Chaotic Attractor
Jaqueline Lekscha, Reik V. Donner:
Differential embedding – From theory to application in palaeoclimatology
Giuseppe Leonardi:
Reconsidering the Computation of Entropy in Recurrence Quantification of Categorical Data
Elbert E. N. Macau, Barbara Maximo, Yong Zhou:
Recurrence density enhanced approach
N. Marwan:
What can you see?

Applications in Engineering

14:45 Merten Stender, Sebastian Oberst, Norbert Hoffmann:
Why mechanical machines should be treated as complex systems
15:05 Debora C. Correa, Michael Small:
Surrogate methods for melody compositions: investigating music structures with Recurrence Quantification Analysis
15:25 Giulliana K. L. Pereira de Queiroz, Silvana Luciene do N. C. Costa, Suzete Élida N. Correia, Vinícius Jefferson Dias Vieira:
Recurrence and traditional measures of nonlinear dynamic analysis to detect vocal deviations
15:45 Carsten Brandt:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Non-Destructive Testing of Porous Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers
16:05 Coffee/tea break
16:30 Angela Digulescu, Ion Candel, Irina Murgan, Cornel Ioana, Alexandru Serbanescu:
On the use of the phase diagram domain properties for the Instantaneous Frequency Law tracking
16:50 Costin Vasile, Ion Candel, Cornel Ioana, Angela Digulescu:
Phase Space Trajectory Analysis for Electrical Fault vs.~Power Line Communication Discrimination
17:10 Liping Yang:
Analysis of nonlinear dynamic characteristics of cyclic combustion fluctuation in internal combustion engine

Thursday, August 24th

9:00 Elbert Macau:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Earth Science

9:15 Sebastian Oberst, Daniel Lester, Robert Niven, Bruce Hobbs, Alison Ord, Norbert Hoffmann:
Application of recurrence plot quantification to mineralising systems in geology
9:35 Hauke Krämer, Norbert Marwan, Martin H. Trauth:
Classifying abrupt transitions in IPCC climate models and paleoclimate proxy data using Recurrence Quantification Analysis
9:55 F. Cervantes-De la Torre, J. I. Gonzalez-Trejo, S. B. Gonzalez-Brambila, C. A. Real-Ramirez:
Recurrence plot measures of complexity and its applications to self-potential time series arising from a Mexican seismic zone
10:15 C. A. Real-Ramirez, F. Cervantes-De la Torre, J. I. Gonzalez-Trejo, S. B. Gonzalez-Brambila:
Recurrence plot and their application to time series associated solar storm
Dadiyorto Wendi, Norbert Marwan, Bruno Merz, Jürgen Kurths:
Change in Flood Hazard Dynamics from Recurrence Perspective
Coffee/tea break

Methodological Aspects II

Bruno Rafael Reichert Boaretto, Roberto Cesar Budzinski Neto, Thiago de Lima Prado, Kalel Luiz Rossi, Sergio Roberto Lopes:
Control of malleability of small-world neural networks
Roberto Cesar Budzinski Neto, Bruno Rafael Reichert Boaretto, Thiago de Lima Prado, Sergio Roberto Lopes:
On stationarity of neural networks at the transition from unsynchronized to synchronized states
C. Abud, I. L. Caldas:
Recurrence criterion to the breakup of invariant curves
J. D. Szezech, M. S. Santos, A. M. Batista, I. L. Caldas, R. L. Viana, S. R. Lopes:
Identifying chimera states with recurrence plot
Group Photo Shoot
13:00 Lunch
14:30 S. Oliffson Kamphorst:
Keynote Lecture The very beginning of recurrence plots
15:15 Yun Chen, Hui Yang:
Heterogeneous recurrence representation and quantification of dynamic transitions in continuous nonlinear processes
15:35 Lucas Pagliosa, Rodrigo Mello:
Using Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis to Improve Semi-Supervised Time Series Classification of Positive and Unlabeled Problems
15:55 Antonio M. T. Ramos, Alejandro Builes-Jaramillo, Germán Poveda, Bedartha Goswami, Elbert E. N. Macau, Jürgen Kurths, Norbert Marwan:
Causality detection based on recurrence plot
16:15 Coffee/tea break
16:30 Poster Session
venue TBA
19:30 Social Event: Dinner at restaurant Bolinha

Friday, August 25th

9:00 Elbert Macau:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Life and Social Sciences

9:15 Daniel Angus:
Keynote lecture Recurrence plotting for the analysis of the dynamics of conversation
10:00 Hiba Fatafta, Wael Karain:
Non Linear Analysis Of Allergen Protein Ole e6 atomic positions
Michele L. Gregório, Rosangela A. Hoshi, Moacir F. Godoy:
The Life and Death in the context of Recurrence Plots
Coffee/tea break
11:10 James P. Hummel, Joseph G. Akar, Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Method for Discretizing Atrial Electrograms for Recurrence Analysis
11:30 Lisane Valdo, Vanderlei Cunha Parro, Eduardo Lobo Lustosa Cabral, Jose Carlos de Souza Junior, Sandro Brosco Sakata, Thiago Ricciardi e Vinícius Ribeiro dos Santos:
Recurrence plots applied in modeling some of the processes involved in determining the alertness of a truck driver
11:50 Tiago P. Almeida, Fernando S. Schlindwein, Joao L. Salinet, Xin Li, Gavin S. Chu, Jiun H. Tuan, Peter J. Stafford, G. A. Ng, Diogo C. Soriano:
Recurrence quantification analysis for characterizing atrial electrogram fractionation in human chronic atrial fibrillation
12:10 Felipe Marcel Neves, Ricardo Luis Viana, Marcio Roberto Pie:
Recurrence analysis of ant activity patterns
12:30 Wenjing He, Nasim Hajari, Irene Cheng, Anup Basu, Bin Zheng:
Dual eye-tracking for the assessment of team cognition in laparoscopic surgery: Evidences from cross recurrence analysis
12:5012:30 A. M. Batista, M. S. Santos, F. S. Borges, E. L. Lameu, K. C. Iarosz, J. D. Szezech Jr, I. L. Caldas, E. E. N. Macau, R. L. Viana, J. Kurths:
Application of recurrence plots to the study of neuronal networks
13:1012:50 Closing and poster award
13:30 Lunch


15:00 Rodrigo F. de Mello, Ricardo A. Rios, Paulo A. Pagliosa, Renato P. Ishii, Caio de Sá Lopes, Fábio Sikansi:
Hands on session TsViz Project: A tweet-based mining tool
Computer lab in TBA


Poster 1 V. C. Pereira, E. D. L. B. Camargo, J. L. Salinet, D. C. Soriano:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis in real time in Labview: simulated ECG evaluation
Poster 2 Mohamed Elgendi:
Eventogram: A Visual Representation of Main Events in Biomedical Signals
Poster 3 H. Gonzalez-Gomez, N. P. Garcia-Martinez, O. Infante, H. Perez-Grovas, C. Lerma:
Diagonal properties of cross recurrence plots between heart rate and systolic blood pressure of end stage renal disease patients
Poster 4 Michele L. Gregorio, Guilherme L. Wazen, Rosangela A. Hoshi, Andrew H. Kemp, Moacir F. Godoy:
Recurrence Plot Patterns in Bipolar Disorder: Dysthymia vs Euthymia
Poster 5 Kelly C. Iarosz, Ronaldo M. Evaristo, Antonio M. Batista, Ricardo L. Viana, Iberê L. Caldas, José D. Szezech Jr., Moacir F. Godoy:
Study of cardiac signals using recurrence plot
Poster 6 Leonardo Lopes, Vinícius Jefferson Dias Vieira, Silvana Costa, Suzete Correia, Mara Behlau:
Performance Evaluation of Recurrence Quantification Measures to Discriminate Individuals with and without Voice Disorders
Poster 7 Vinicius Vieira, Silvana C. Costa, Suzete Correia, Washington Costa, Francisco M. de Assis, Leonardo Lopes:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Speech Signals
Poster 8 Taciana A. de Souza, Micael A. Souza, Silvana Luciene do N. C. Costa, Washington C. de A. Costa, Suzete E. N. Correia, Vinícius J. D.Vieira:
Texture-based analysis of recurrence plots for laryngeal pathologies detection using wavelets and PSO
Poster 9 Nadja C. Carvalho, Leonardo L. Portes, Alessandro Beda, Lucinara S. Martins, Luis A. Aguirre:
Recurrence plots for the assessment of patient-ventilator interactions quality during invasive mechanical ventilation
Poster 10 P. G. Rodrigues, C. A. Stefano Filho, R. Attux, G. Castellano, D. C. Soriano:
Space-Time Recurrence Counting for Estimating Functional Connectivity in Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interfaces
Poster 11 F. S. Borges, E. L. Lameu, R. R. Borges, P. R. Protachevicz, F. A. S. Ferrari, K. C. Iarosz, A. M. Batista, R. L. Viana, I. L. Caldas:
Recurrence plots to study synchronous behaviour of the brain cortical areas
Poster 12 Ralf Cox, Lisa-Maria van Klaveren, Muriël van der Laan:
Moved by Art: Postural Dynamics and Appraisal in Viewing Paintings
Poster 13 Ewandson Luiz Lameu, Fernando da Silva Borges, Kelly Cristiane Iarosz, Antonio Marcos Batista, Elbert Einstein Nereu Macau:
Spatial Recurrence in Networks of Bursting Neurons
Poster 14 M.S. Santos, F.S. Borges, K.C. Iarosz, A.M. Batista, R.L. Viana, I.L. Caldas, J.D. Szezech, J. Kurths:
Identification of the chimera states in cat matrix neuronal using recurrence plot
Poster 15 C. A. S. Batista, J. D. Szezech Jr., A. M. Batista, E. E. N. Macau and R. L. Viana:
Synchronization of phase oscillators with coupling mediated by a diffusing substance
Poster 16 M. Mugnaine, M. S. Santos, A. M. Batista, R. L. Viana, I. L. Caldas, J. D. Szezech:
Application of the recurrence plot for nontwist systems
Poster 17 Danilo Mendes Rodrigues Pereira, Filipe Ieda Fazanaro, Ricardo Suyama:
Voice Activity Detection based on Recurrence Plots
Poster 18 Deniz Eroglu, Norbert Marwan:
Multiplex Recurrence Networks
Poster 19 Barbara Maximino da Fonseca Reis, Margarete Oliveira Domingues, Elbert E. N. Macau:
Wavelet-Recurrence Approach for time series analysis
Poster 20 Hudson V. T. Mineiro, S. R. Lopes, T. L. Prado:
Microstates of Recurrence Plots: First Approach