fifth international symposium on recurrence plots Loyola University

August 14-16, 2013

Recurrence plot symposium Chicago 2013.

Important Note
The speakers have to upload their presentation to the computer in the lecture hall in advance of their talk (in the morning of the day of their talk). The time for the talk is 17 min, plus 3 min discussion.

Both MacOS and Windows machines will be available, installed with standard presentation software (PowerPoint, Acrobat, Preview, and Keynote). You may also bring your own computer or presentation device provided that it is fitted with the appropriate VGA output and that you are capable of installing and testing the machine prior to the scheduled session time.

The prefered size of the posters is A0 or ArchE portrait (i.e. higher than wide).


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The abstracts of the contributions are available in the abstract book.

Tuesday, August 13th

18:00 Registration reception (3 hours until 21:00)
Baumhart Residence Hall, Foyer (more information)

Wednesday, August 14th

8:00 Registration and pay for excursions
Corboy Law School, Classroom #207


9:00 Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Opening Greetings
9:15 Norbert Marwan:
Introduction Lecture Potential Pitfalls in Recurrence Plot Analysis

Methodological Aspects

9:30 Hui Yang:
Keynote Lecture Multiscale analysis of recurrence patterns
10:15 Oleg Granichin, Olga Granichina, Vladimir Kiyaev:
Recurrence plots and randomization possibilities
10:35 Coffee/tea break
11:10 Elbert E. N. Macau, Laurita dos Santos, Jose Roberto C. Piqueira:
Quantifying the complexity in a recurrence plot
11:30 Leonardo Lancia:
Application of recurrence and cross recurrence analysis to the study of nonstationary signals from speech production
11:50 Ioana Cornel, Alexandru Serbanescu, Angela Digulescu, Florin-Marian Birleanu, Ion Candel:
Recent advances in non-stationary signal processing using recurrence plots
12:10 J.H. Feldhoff, R.V. Donner, J.F. Donges, N. Marwan, J. Kurths:
Geometric signatures of complex synchronization scenarios -- A recurrence network perspective
12:30 Catered Lunch: Nina's café in the lower level of Corboy Law School
14:00 Stephan Spiegel, Johannes-Brijnesh Jain, Sahin Albayrak:
A Recurrence Plot-based Distance Measure for Time Series Clustering
14:20 Paul E. Rapp, David M. Darmon, Christopher J. Cellucci:
Quadrant Scanning Recurrence Diagrams: Identifocation of Transitions in Central Nervous System Behavior
14:40 Dan Mønster, Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson:
Robustness of cross-recurrence results in a social interaction experiment
15:00 Paxton, A., Dale, R.:
B(eo)W(u)LF: Facilitating multi-level recurrence analysis in language
15:20 Coffee break

Applications in Physiology I

16:00 Yu Yao, Michael Schiek:
Improving reliability of recurrence plot analysis through nonlinear separation of signal components
16:20 D. C. Soriano, L. F. S. Uribe, F. I. Fazanaro, R. Suyama, G. Castellano, R. Attux, E. Cardozo:
A Recurrence-Based Feature Extraction Approach for Brain-Computer Interface Systems
16:40 Alejandro Aguado, Oscar Infante, Claudia Lerma:
Recurrence plot analysis of heart rate and systolic blood pressure: a strategy for embedding parameters estimation

Thursday, August 15th

8:50 Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Physiology II

9:00 Andrew Marino:
Keynote Lecture Recurrence Quantification Applied to the Analysis of Brain Electrical Activity
9:45 S. Carrubba, A. A. Marino:
RQA detects nonlinear determinism in the EEG
10:05 Charles L. Webber, Jr., Zhihong Hu & Xiuzhen Duan:
Recurrence Categorization of Immunohistochemical Stainings of Her-2/neu in Breast Cancer
10:25 Coffee/tea break

Applications in Earth Science

11:00 Holger Lange, Sven Boese:
Recurrence quantification and recurrence network analysis of remote sensing data
11:20 Group Photo Shoot
11:30 Poster Session
12:30 Catered Lunch: Nina's café in the lower level of Corboy Law


14:00 Norbert Marwan, Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Practical Tutorials: CRP Toolbox for Matlab, RQA Software
Computer lab 710 of Corboy Law School
19:30 Social Event: Millenium Park, Picnic Dinner, and Jazz Concert

Friday, August 16th

8:50 Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
Welcome & miscellaneous announcements

Applications in Psychology

9:00 Rick Dale:
Keynote lecture Recurrence in language: from sounds to meanings
9:45 Daniel Angus, Andrew Smith and Janet Wiles:
Current Progress in Conceptual Recurrence Plotting
10:05 William J. Bosl, Adam Bates, Iván Sánchez Fernández, Tobias Loddenkemper:
Biomarkers for Neuropsychiatric Disorders from Recurrence Plot Analysis
10:25 Riccardo Fusaroli, Kristian Tylén:
Linguistic Dialog: individual processing, interactive alignment or interpersonal synergy?
10:45 Coffee/tea break
11:20 James Dixon:
Keynote lecture RQA applications to the micro-development of cognitive structure
12:05 Carlos A. Torre:
Hearts & Minds: Physiology, Emotions, & the Readiness-to-Learn
12:25 David W. Vinson, Rick Dale:
How CRQA can shed light on two-person anticipatory systems
12:45 Catered Lunch: Nina's café in the lower level of Corboy Law
13:30 Poster Session

Applications in Economics and Financial Markets

14:30 Catherine Kyrtsou, Anastasios Malliaris, Christina Mikropoulou:
Informational content of Monday returns and the role of dynamic invariants
14:50 Patrick M. Crowley, Chris I. Trombley:
Is US State Macro Data Synchronous?
15:10 Catherine Kyrtsou, Angeliki Papana, Costas Vorlow:
Further insights on the connectivity between money supply and interest rates
15:30 Charles L. Webber, Jr.:
16:30 Chicago Architectural Boat Tour Excursion


Poster 1 Jose-Ruben Luevano:
Spectra of recurrence times in the chaotic region of the logistic map
Poster 2 Aloys Sipers, Paul Borm, Ralf Peeters:
Unthresholded recurrence plots for complex-valued representations of narrow band signals
Poster 3 Aloys Sipers, Paul Borm, Ralf Peeters:
Redundancy and the information content of lines in unthresholded recurrence plots
Poster 4 Ashley E. Walton, Brian A. Eiler, Rachel W. Kallen, Steven J. Harrison, Michael J. Richardson:
Quantifying degree and directionality of coupling using cross recurrence analysis
Poster 5 Joshua Gordon, Vijaya Patil, Andrew Keller, Charles L. Webber, Jr., Morris Fisher:
Classification of F-Waves by Coupling Principle Component Analysis with Recurrence Quantifications
Poster 6 Hortensia Gonzalez, Oscar Infante, Claudia Lerma:
Recurrence plot analysis of the response to active standing of heart rate, systolic blood pressure and systolic blood volume
Poster 7 Singh G., Lu H., Avitall B.:
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Clinical Data
Poster 8 Ali Keshavarz Panahi, Ikechukwu Ohu, Sohyung Cho, Ahmed M. Zihni, Michael M. Awad:
Can Fatigue Levels in Laparoscopic Surgery be deduced through Recurrence Plots and Disorder Index Analysis?