fourth international symposium on recurrence plots Hong Kong Polytechnic University

December 5-7, 2011
Hong Kong

Recurrence plot symposium Hong Kong 2011.

supported by 

Faculty of Engineering

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Visa and Immigration Information

Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China (including Shenzhen) are separate immigration jurisdictions. Visa requirements may vary and will function independently. You will need a passport to travel between these areas, and you may need a visa. For travel to China it will often be quicker, simpler and easier to get a visa once in Hong Kong (typically, you can get this done in a couple of days at a local travel agent — but they'll need passport photos, your passport and, maybe, a business card). Macau is only one hour from Hong Kong by fast ferry and definitely worth visiting if you have time — even if generic chain casinos are not your thing.

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