fourth international symposium on recurrence plots Hong Kong Polytechnic University

December 5-7, 2011
Hong Kong

Recurrence plot symposium Hong Kong 2011.

supported by 

Faculty of Engineering

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An excursion has been organised for Wednesday afternoon, December 7th, to Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. Buses will depart from the "Logo Square" (on the ground floor outside A-core) at 15:30. The return buses will leave Victoria Peak shopping area at 18:30 – sharp. Once we get to the Peak there are no organised activities, you are free to do whatever you want: enjoy the food, the view, shopping, or go for a walk.

There are two multistory buildings in the general vicinity. The front one, which was built more recently, and much to the consternation of the owners of the rearward tower, is The Peak Tower – it's the one shaped like a giant flattened wok. The rear building is slightly less ostentatious and this is The Peak Galleria. Both buildings are packed with shops, bars and restaurants. The Peak Lookout restaurant (across the road from both towers) is slightly less busy and also recommended. To get the best views, head to the top of the Peak Tower (they do charge for the very best bits though). If you prefer not to pay to look at the skyline, the roof of the Peak Galleria is also publicly accessible and offers almost equal views – with the added bonus that you can also look to the South over the South China Sea. If you prefer to take a hike, follow Lugard road for an approximately one hour circuit of the actual Victoria Peak (this route is flat and easy and offers good views of all sides), or climb Mount Austin Road to Victoria Peak itself (about half an hour – not so flat).

If you wish to catch the tour bus back to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus at 18:30 you must be punctual – it is not possible for tour buses to wait at this location for stragglers. If you do miss the return bus or choose not to take it, then that is not a problem. There are many transport options from Victoria Peak, including:

  • The peak tram: departing from the peak tower, single tickets $28. Once in Central (i.e. the city), the lower terminus of the tram is at Garden Road. From there it is a short walk downhill to the city, or you can catch the 15C bus to the city (an open-top double decker). The tram and the open top bus are tourist attraction in their own right – but there can be queues from the peak.
  • By bus: there is a bus terminus at the Peak (under the Peak Galleria). Route 15 goes to Central and then to the Ferry Piers. Route 15B goes to Causeway Bay and more shops and more crowds. Both cost a little less than $10. In either case, the best seats for the return journey are up the front on the top deck – so long as you're not prone to motion sickness.
  • By minibus: also departing from the same bus terminus, green-top minibuses (seating about 15-20 people) depart for Central (IFC building) and cost about $8. When you want to get off, just press the button (if such is fitted), or if not just yell out to the driver – try to copy what everyone else does. Minibuses pick-up and drop-off passengers anywhere.
  • By Taxi: Taxis can be hailed anywhere (where vehicles are permitted to stop), there is a Taxi stand in the bus terminus under the Peak Galleria. Taxi driver might be a bit grumpy about crossing the harbour though – they tend to prefer to stick to one side or the other (by law they should take you, but they may simply plead ignorance of your intended destination). Special cross-harbour taxi ranks are for taxis that want to cross the harbour.
  • By Foot: It'll take a couple of hours but it's all downhill. Here are several possible routes, either you can veer off from Harlech Road at the children's playground and BBQ area head down hill (it's sign posted). Just keep going down. Alternatively, follow Old Peak Road down from the Peak Tower.

Once you do get back to the city, if you are heading to the university, you still need to cross the harbour. Either go to the central ferry pier (Pier 7) and catch the star ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui (another Tourist must-see and probably one of the worlds cheapest harbour cruises – it costs $2-$3 depending on when you go and where you sit). From Tsim Sha Tsui you can either walk along the water front back to the campus or catch the number 5 bus. If you don't wish to catch the ferry, the alternative is the ubiquitous MTR to Hung Hom station – or any bus (numbered 100-119) heading to the cross harbour tunnel: get off immediately after the tunnel.